Multi-family - Mixed Use Plumbing Contractor

Big commercial projects or housing developments need subcontractors who work efficiently, safely, and understand the meaning of timelines. True Plumbing has has over 70 years of experience working with developers, owners, and general contractors in the Clark County area. Our knowledge of Clark County codes, up-to-the minute technologies, and proven best practices make us an ideal choice for your large-scale plumbing needs.

Multi-Family or Mixed Use Plumbing includes:

  • Townhomes
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Commercial/Retail
  • Maintenance
Commercial Plumbing Services Vancoucver WA

Townhomes, Apartments, Condominiums

While all three have their own unique circumstances, True Plumbing will install plumbing in any multi-family project you may have. For us, a row of townhouses or a 4-story, 40 unit complex all receive the same attention to detail. We connect to municipal water supplies, make sure the plumbing design is efficient, and ensure every unit has the appropriate amount of water. This could be for a studio apartment or a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. We can also upgrade, replumb, or retrofit existing multi-family buildings to bring the buildings up to code.


In many mixed use projects, housing can be found above retail, restaurants, or other kind of service business. Retail establishments may not need the same amount of water as a restaurant might, but bathroom facilities are a must. True Plumbing listens to the building owner or general contractor to find out just what each business needs.

In some cases, those necessities won’t be known until tenants are found. We will plumb every unit to make it easy as possible to bring in a boutique, bistro, or any other business. In addition to roughing in the plumbing, we also install the finishing touches when a business has been found and their needs are known.


No matter how well a system is installed, plumbing will need regular maintenance. True Plumbing will work with building and business owners to find a regular maintenance schedule that works for all parties. This maintenance not only keeps the plumbing working efficiently, it can be used to find and address any potential future issues before the become problems.

Multi-family - Mixed Use Plumbing Services

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