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If your office building, strip mall, or complex was built more than 40 years ago, you may want to think about repiping your plumbing. By replacing the outdated piping, not only can you take care of smaller, unnoticed issues that can cost you money, but also prevent larger problems that could be lingering just around the corner. With newer plumbing materials and updated building codes, True Plumbing can make your commercial real estate more efficient and safer.

Repiping your commercial real estate comes with many benefits, including:

  • Improved water pressure
  • Better efficiency
  • Better tasting water
  • Replacing stressed pipes
  • Installing longer lasting pipes
Commercial Repipe Vancouver WA

Issues with Older Plumbing

Older plumbing usually consists of outdated material, such as galvanized steel, which can corrode over time, leading to failure. By replacing it with copper or PEX piping, you will extend the life of your plumbing by decades.

Copper pipes are durable, long-lasting, and lightweight. This makes for quick installation at a cheaper price than the heavier steel pipes. PEX piping is even more versatile, easier to work with, and can be cheaper to install depending on the job.

Advantages of Repiping

Another advantage of commercial plumbing repipe is the ability to reimagine your space. Removing or installing faucets, sinks, and even toilets can leave a mish-mash of plumbing behind the walls. Leaving “dead-end” pipes can affect pressure and waste water, costing you money. With a repipe, all of the old piping is taken out, leaving a bank slate for you to update your commercial real estate floor plans.

The crew at True Plumbing has more than 70 years of experience working with commercial, residential, and exterior plumbing. If it’s time to repipe your commercial real estate, contact us today!

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