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Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Storm drains perform an essential function that is too often overlooked…until the drain becomes clogged. Don’t let this happen to your home. Severe damage not only floods yards, it can get inside the house and cause extensive damage.

True Plumbing takes pride in serving the Vancouver WA area with a comprehensive selection of outdoor drain cleaning services. Not only do we offer preventative maintenance, but we also specialize in combating clogged drains.

Don’t be lured in by sub par service that slaps a band-aid on a problem. We don’t make fake promises– we keep it True.

Types of outdoor drains

Here are some of the main types of outdoor drains:

  • Storm drains/catch basins: Simply put, the storm drain/catch basin takes runoff water from our ample rains and directs it to the drainage system.
  • French drains: A French drain involves a perforated pipe installed in a flat yard with the intention of draining away standing water. A material (typically gravel) fills the trench and standing water then seeps down the tile, thus draining away from your card.
  • Footing drains: Installed around the perimeter of the foundation walls (level with the footing), the footing drain collects water that would have gone into the basement and drains it away from the foundation walls.

At True Plumbing, we use hydro jetting to blast through the blockage, enabling water to flow freely again. Hydro jetting involves sending water through the drain with intense pressure– that does not damage the pipes and drain– to break up debris. There are no chemicals involved, only water.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning Services

Remember, outdoor drain cleaning services are separate from gutter cleaning services. Both are necessary to keep water flowing freely; however, our primary focus revolves around plumbing needs. The law requires outdoor drains to be checked by licensed plumbers– and that is our area of expertise. If you want True-ly the best, contact True Plumbing. We guarantee a response to your call and offer same-day service to accommodate all of your plumbing and outdoor drain cleaning needs. Pick up the phone and call (360) 667-7002. New customers receive $25 for their first service!