Faucet Repair and Installation

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Dealing With a Damaged Faucet

A faucet can be damaged in a variety of ways. However, whether the damage occurs because of a lack of cleaning or it’s due to natural wear and tear, it can lead to a number of different problems. Perhaps the most common issue most people will experience is a leaking faucet. However, some other problems can arise as well, including faucets that no longer produce any water. If you’ve found yourself in need of faucet repair in Vancouver, WA or the surrounding area, or other services such as faucet replacement, the team at True Plumbing can be there to help. Give us a call at (360) 831-2041 today to learn more about the services that we can provide. 

Identifying the Need for Faucet Repair or Replacement

As already mentioned, a leaking faucet is perhaps one of the most common problems that can arise. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if it allows water to build up in your sink when the sink is not in use. However, it can cause a number of other problems as well, such as an increase in your water bill. This is why it’s usually best to reach out for assistance if you have noticed a leaking faucet. Problems such as damaged washers are often the cause of this issue, making it relatively simple to take care of in most situations. 

Likewise, if there is a lack of water coming from the faucet but you are not having issues with the flow of water elsewhere in your home, the problem is probably with the faucet itself. You may have a damaged part such as an aerator. A professional plumber can investigate the situation and determine the faucet repair needed to get your water running again.

Another problem that can arise is discoloration of the water coming out of your faucet. If the water is not discolored in any other part of your home, you can guess the issue may have something to do with the faucet. Often, rust and corrosion can lead to this kind of problem. However, if this is the issue you may need more than a faucet repair. In situations where your faucet has experienced significant damage or corrosion, a faucet replacement may be the best solution to take care of the problem. 

Finally, you should always remember that if you have older faucets, it may be wise to choose a new faucet installation when you experience issues. This will ensure you take care of any problems with the faucet and prevent future problems from arising.

We’re Ready to Help

We can be there to help when you need faucet installation or faucet repair in Vancouver, WA or the surrounding area. We also offer other types of emergency plumbing repair as well as fixture replacement and repair services. Give us a call today at (360) 831-2041 to schedule your services.