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Septic Services in Battle Ground, WA

Whether you’re on a septic system or hooked up to the city sewer line, True Plumbing has the experience to take care of any sewer issues you may encounter in Battle Ground, WA. From main line scoping to sewer line excavation and repair, True Plumbing has you covered.

Sewer Line Excavation

Plumbing Services Battle Ground WA Putting a new sewer line, or even hooking up an existing septic tank to the city or county infrastructure, is no problem for True Plumbing. It is a big job that can leave an even bigger mess. We pride ourselves on being able to repair or install a sewer line while doing little damage to the surrounding landscaping.

Clogged Sewer Line Services

Being without water for just a few hours can bring the day-to-day operation of your home to screeching halt. It’s a problem not being able to take a shower, wash food before preparation, or to even use the toilet. True Plumbing works fast to assess the problem and get your water moving once again.

Sewer Line Maintenance

With main line scoping or video inspection, True Plumbing can keep your sewer line running in tip top shape. By scoping or using video, we can check on the health of your lines if you think the water is leaving the house in an efficient way. The problem could be an easy fix, or installation of a new line. With a scope or video, we quickly let you know what has to be done. In addition to sewer services, True Plumbing also excels at residential, commercial, and emergency services. Whether you need a maintenance plan for your business, help remodeling a bathroom, or a new kitchen sink installed, contact True Plumbing today.

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