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Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage disposals have helped keep kitchens clean for decades. Used in half of U.S. kitchens, garbage disposals grind up small food scraps to be taken away by the kitchen plumbing. If your garbage disposal isn’t working the way it used to, or you are simply ready for an upgrade, contact True Plumbing. We provide second-to-none garbage disposal installation services in Vancouver, WA and we’d be happy to help!

Professional Garbage Disposal Installation

Installing garbage disposals is no easy task. Any time plumbing or electrical wiring is involved, it’s best to call a professional. Our expert plumbers can inspect your sink, determine the disposal that will work best for your home, and properly install it using our advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology. We always ensure that all connections are airtight, preventing major water leak damage in the future.

Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal

The benefits of installing a garbage disposal include:

  • Helps you dispose of kitchen waste quickly
  • Reduces odors in the kitchen by getting rid of food waste
  • Reduces the amount of trash you throw out
  • Protects pipes from clogs and leaks by grinding up food

How to Buy a Garbage Disposal

As a general rule, a two-person home needs nothing more than ⅓ or ½ horsepower disposal. Homes larger than six people should invest in a one horsepower disposal and a ¾ horsepower model should take care of everything in between. When you call True Plumbing, we can help determine the disposal site that best suits the needs of your family.

Batch Feed and Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals

In addition to size, there are also two types of garbage disposals to consider: batch feed and continuous feed. Most homes utilize continuous feed disposals, which means the disposal will work as long as it is turned on. This is handy when a lot of work is to be done in the kitchen.  Batch disposals have a holding tank that accumulates waste until it is full and then activates when the lid is closed. Our plumbers can help you decide which type of disposal will work best for your sink.

Garbage Disposal Installation Services

Being without a major component of your kitchen for any amount of time can be a concern. True Plumbing has the experience necessary to quickly and effectively install the perfect garbage disposal for your home. For more information about our garbage disposal installation services or any other plumbing questions, call True Plumbing today!