Garbage Disposal Installation

Although there have been many advances in kitchen technology (think touchless faucets or “smart” refrigerators), the garbage disposal has been helping keep kitchens clean for decades. Used in half of US kitchens, the garbage disposal grinds up small food scraps to be taken away by the kitchen plumbing. This cuts down on the amount of garbage, and accompanying smell, that the household produces daily.

Professional Installation

Even though garbage disposal operation is easy, installing a unit is more difficult. Any time plumbing or electrical wiring is involved, it’s best to call in a professional. Not only can they install the disposal, they can also provide input as to what size of disposal you need.

As with any plumbing installation, all connections must be airtight. Even the smallest of leaks, over time, can cause major damage to the cabinet floor and flooring below.

Garbage Disposals Vancouver WA

Disposal Size

As a general rule, a two-person home needs nothing more than ⅓ or ½ horsepower disposal. Home larger than six people should invest in a one horsepower disposal and a ¾ horsepower model should take care of everything in between.

Batch and Continuous Feeds

In addition, there are batch feed and continuous feed disposals. Most homes utilize continuous feed disposals, which means the disposal will work as long as it is turned on. This is handy when a lot of work is to be done in the kitchen. Batch disposals have a holding tank that accumulates waste until fill and is then activated when the lid is closed.

City Sewer vs. Septic Systems

If the home is on a city water line or other municipality water line, the disposed food scraps will be handled by their waste water treatment  system. Other garbage disposals are specifically built for septic systems, grinding the food in two stages or injecting microorganisms to help the food breakdown even further. Since more waste is being put into the tank, it may have to be pumped more often as well.

Being without a major component of your kitchen for any amount of time can be a concern as well. True-Plumbing has the experience to install a garbage disposal quickly and the knowledge to make sure the disposal is right for your home. For more information about garbage disposal installation or any other kitchen plumbing questions, call True-Plumbing today.

Garbage Disposal Installation

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