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The modernization of plumbing materials and techniques means copper is no longer the only piping option available for repiping projects. Today, copper and PEX repipes both are available to help homeowners and business owners repair or upgrade their plumbing systems.

True Plumbing’s qualified licensed plumbers in Southwest Washington are able to thoroughly inspect your property to identify any significant plumbing problems and determine which repiping material will be most appropriate.

A Plumbing Repipe Addresses a Wide Range of Problems

A copper or PEX repipe can help if your plumbing is experiencing:

  • A lack of water pressure in showers and sinks.
  • Discolored or rusty water.
  • Extreme temperature shifts in the shower when other water sources are used.
  • Interior or exterior pipe leaks.
  • Trouble using multiple faucets at one time.
Plumbing Repipe Vancouver WA

Repair or repipe? Let's talk about out.


What Are the Advantages of a Copper Repipe?

Tried and true copper plumbing systems are durable and long-lasting, and add value to your home. Lightweight yet sturdy, copper has a bacteriostatic nature which helps to deter bacterial growth within the pipes. Copper is lead-free and does not warp, bend or sag. It is the most-often used piping material in new construction projects as well.

  • Traditional copper piping is created from quality natural materials
  • Copper resists bacterial growth
  • Property values rise when copper plumbing is installed

The Advantages of PEX PipingPEX Repipe Vancouver WA

PEX piping has been used since in the United States since the 1980s, and its popularity has grown thanks to its versatility.

Plumbers commonly install it under walkways and floors, under slab foundations, and in support of radiant heating systems. It is able to expand, which helps prevent burst pipes.

PEX piping does not corrode and it’s immune to mineral. Additionally, PEX requires fewer fittings, which lessens the chances of leaky joints.

  • PEX piping is made of durable and flexible material
  • They take less time to install than copper pipes
  • PEX pipelines are sometimes less expensive to install

Copper or PEX? What's best for your home?


Do I Need a Repair or a Repipe?

Whether repair or repiping is the your best option depends on a variety of factors. True Plumbing  takes these factors into account before making a recommendation. Some reasons we may recommend a repipe include:

  • Your Home’s Age – The majority of home plumbing infrastructure in the US is over 60 years old. Many of the materials used at the time have since experienced significant damage and decay. Often, a plumbing repipe is the best solution.
  • Pipe Materials – Inferior materials can deteriorate much faster than today’s preferred products. Your pipes may have been made from clay, tile, steel, or other materials. In this case, we will most likely recommend repiping.
  • Soil Conditions – There are certain soil conditions that negatively affect pipes. High levels of chloride and a low electrical resistance level can cause premature corrosion of pipes and water lines. Soil with high clay content can be particularly damaging.
  • Tree Growth – Root growth is one of the most common  reasons we repipe. When trees and other plants grow deep root structures, they’ll seek water sources wherever they can find them. This means, unfortunately, they will grow inside of your pipes and potentially make them unusable.

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