Bathroom Plumbing Remodel

If your bathroom plumbing needs to be replaced, moved or otherwise repaired, True Plumbing has the experience to get the job done right, on time and on budget. While we specialize in older homes, we can also work on plumbing solutions for newer homes and even new builds.

Our Bathroom Plumbing Remodel services include:

  • Replacing damaged pipes/plumbing
  • Installing new pipe
  • Installing sink/fixtures
  • Installing toilets
Plumbing Bathroom Remodel Vancouver WA

Plumbing Bathroom Remodel Considerations

No other room depends on water as much as the bathroom. Brushing your teeth, washing your hands, using the toilet and taking the shower all depend on water, so it’s important the plumbing is in excellent working condition. With any bathroom remodel, plumbing needs to be the first thing to think about.

In older homes, much of the plumbing could be decades, or even a century, old. True Plumbing will replace all faulty plumbing, replacing it with the newest and up to code materials. If the current plumbing has been leaking for any amount of time, we will make sure all dry rot is removed and new sub flooring is replaced.

In addition, we can work with your new design to reposition the plumbing if you’ve decided to change the floor plan. New pipes, drains and fixtures can be placed wherever you need them to go, including toilets and showers if the space allows.

Planning a bathroom remodel?

Save Money With Efficient Plumbing Solutions

True Value can install energy efficient sinks, toilets and showers that will help save you money in the long term. Using the newest bathroom innovations, we can discuss the best options for you and your bathroom. This could mean low-flow toilets, hands free sinks and even water heater innovations that make heating water more efficient and save you money.

Working Within Your Design

Whether it’s remodeling a hallway bathroom, redesigning a master bathroom or installing a bathroom in the basement, True Plumbing will stay on time and on budget to give you the bathroom you want. We can plumb double vanities, large wash basins, energy efficient showers and whatever else your dream bathroom needs.

A new bathroom can provide a little oasis in your home – True Plumbing will make sure you don’t have to worry about what’s happening in the walls.

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