Kitchen Plumbing Remodel Services

No matter if you’re replacing a sink or doing a complete kitchen plumbing remodel, True Plumbing has you covered. A kitchen plumbing remodel can be very extensive, especially in older homes where pipes could be close to failing or need to be replaced to meet building codes.

True Plumbing has the experience and knowledge to get your plumbing back into shape and add the finishing touches on your brand new kitchen.

Our Kitchen Remodel Services:

  • Removing faulty pipes and joints
  • Running new pipe
  • Installing sink/fixtures
  • Installing dishwashers
Kitchen Plumbing Remodels Vancouver WA

Plumbing Kitchen Remodel Considerations

When you first consider a kitchen remodel, the plumbing must be taken into account at some point. Depending on the age of the home, the pipes may be rusted, crumbling from the inside, or already leaking. True Plumbing will take all of this into account and give you peace of mind that the plumbing will be up to code, using the best piping systems available. If your remodel includes a changed floorplan, True Plumbing will be able to reroute the plumbing for the most efficient flow, which can save money by delivering water faster to lessen any heat loss.

Tell us about your kitchen plumbing remodeling project, we can help.


More Energy Efficient Plumbing Solutions

Other ways to make your kitchen more efficient is to have True Plumbing install energy-efficient fixtures and dishwashers. New kitchen technology seems to be introduced every year, and True Plumbing stays well-versed in latest innovations. We install everything from no touch faucets, to pot fillers, to water-saving dishwashers to make your kitchen the envy of your friends.

Keep Your Design

No matter what you choose for your new kitchen, True Plumbing can install it. Pull-down faucets, garbage disposals, farmhouse sinks, or fixtures that come out from the wall instead of the counter – anything you’ve designed for your kitchen, we’ll make it happen.

You’re remodeling your kitchen because you wanted something new and improved, and True Plumbing wants to give it to you.

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