What Can I Do to Fix My Toilet?

plumber repairing a toilet

Do I Need Toilet Repair?

The toilet is like a water heater. We just assume they are there and providing the service we need. But like a water heater, a toilet can malfunction, probably more likely to malfunction, with little to no indication of a problem. Fortunately, you can do your own toilet repair – service for this problem by a professional plumber isn’t always necessary. Meanwhile, when you do need a professional for toilet repair in Vancouver, WA our professionals can be there for you.

So, will a plumber fix the toilet?

Yes, they will repair or replace any parts inside the tank, and the plumbing connected to the toilet, and even replace the toilet if necessary. How much should it cost to fix a toilet? That can vary based on the problem requiring toilet repair service as to what parts are needed. Additionally, a plumber will either have a flat rate charge for the service call or will charge by the hour. 

The basic operation of the toilet inside the tank doesn’t always need the professional toilet repair service of a plumber. So, what can you do to fix your own toilet?  Let’s look at three possible easy-to-fix problems that you can do yourself.

Toilet Running Constantly

This indicates that water is flowing into the tank constantly through the fill valve.  Steps you can take for your own toilet repair service start with the rubber flapper. Usually, constantly running water means the flapper isn’t sealing at the flush valve opening, allowing water to flow from the tank to the bowl. Sometimes, you can adjust the chain, and other times, you need to replace the flapper. 

Toilet Leaking

If you notice water leaking from the toilet, address the situation promptly. Left unaddressed, the water will cause damage that will cost more than just the toilet repair service for the leaking toilet. Make sure the base of the toilet is firmly bolted in and check the water connection at the back of the toilet tank to the wall. If all is in a good position, contact a professional plumber.

Flushing Problems

For a toilet that is slow to flush, check that the handle and chain are connected and at the right length. If the toilet is clogged, use a toilet plunger to plunge the clog out. If that doesn’t work, call for a professional toilet repair service by a plumber – they may need to ‘snake’ the toilet, or it could be a broken or clogged sewer line.

Is it cheaper to fix a toilet or replace it?

If the problems with your toilet are in the tank, replacing the internal parts is cheaper than purchasing a new toilet, even if you have to call a plumber for toilet repair service. If the tank or bowl is cracked, they are vulnerable to leaking and the entire toilet should be replaced. However, if you’re upgrading your bathroom and a new toilet is on the horizon, make the purchase instead of repair. This is a great opportunity to purchase a low-flow toilet that will save you on the water bill every month!

How much does a plumber charge to replace a toilet fill valve?

This can depend on the plumber with each having their own rates. Some will offer a flat rate and others charge by the hour, plus the part(s) needed to complete the toilet repair service.

Before you spend that money on a plumber, visit your local home improvement store and purchase the fill valve. The store may offer a class on toilet repair and you can always find a vast number of online videos that will walk you through doing your own toilet repair service.

How long should it take to fix a toilet?

Depending on the problem and toilet repair service, a plumber can typically complete the job within an hour to two hours. For a DIY homeowner, the time to complete a toilet repair the first time may take up to two hours. 

Can I change the toilet myself?

Absolutely! As long as there aren’t any building codes in the area, a DIY homeowner can change out their own toilet. Keep in mind that the water in the tank and bowl will need to be emptied as much as possible. Having a wet vac on hand is recommended, along with another adult to help. A toilet, without water, can weigh up to 100 pounds! Remember, this is a solid ceramic item.

Flushing It All Away 

A DIY toilet repair service is possible, and this is one item in a home that the repair can be easily learned with a little patience. If the toilet repair seems to be challenging, or you didn’t have any success doing it on your own, it is worth calling a professional plumber. 

Keep in mind, that any toilet repair service calls after business hours, on weekends, or on holidays will cost more. Plan your DIY attempt so that you won’t have that added expense if you have to call in the pros. Meanwhile, if you find yourself seeking toilet repair in Vancouver, WA be sure to call someone who you can trust. Our team can be there for you – reach out at (360) 831-2041.