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True Plumbing exclusively installs North Star Water Treatments Systems. They are the leader in water filtration systems in the United States. If you’re looking for reliable water filtration and softening options, look no futher than our team at True Plumbing.
Water Filtration

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Water Worries? Not Anymore! Our Filtration Experts Have You Covered!

You can relax since our filtration experts will make your home water filtering system installation a game-changer. We give complete solutions since we know your family’s health depends on your home’s water quality. Water filtration system installation is handled by our experts.

The filtration experts at our company are dedicated professionals that understand water treatment technologies. Your installation will be top-notch since they stay current. From water quality testing to filtration system recommendations, our professionals do it all. Assuring that every drop of water from your tap is pure, clean, and safe to drink is our pride.

Choosing our in-home water filtering system installation services is like investing in your family’s health. We want every household to have clean water, and our filtration professionals can help. Our filtration experts can eliminate water problems and bring you pure, refreshing refreshment.

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If you’re looking for a reputable water filtration replacement company near me, True Plumbing should be your go-to choice! Our team has accumulated over 200 5-Star Google Reviews, multiple certifications, and many trade secrets that help us overdeliver.

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You may be asking, how much does water filtration replacement cost? Well, it depends. The good news? True Plumbing offers completely free and fast estimates for our Vancouver community. We strive to make the process as transparent and easy as possible.

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Our team not only completes the job, but we also send out a dedicated service member to analyze, audit, and score the job completed as an added service measure. This is just one way that True Plumbing goes above and beyond for our clients.

Raise Your Glass to Quality: Water Filtration Mastery

As a plumber in Vancouver, True Plumbing employs a comprehensive set of strategies and techniques to ensure effective water filtration solutions for our customers. Our approach includes mechanical filtration to remove larger particles, activated carbon filtration to eliminate organic impurities and improve taste and odor, reverse osmosis for thorough contaminant removal, ion exchange to tackle water hardness, UV sterilization for microbiological safety, and chemical filtration to address specific water treatment needs. We emphasize regular maintenance and water testing to uphold system efficiency, customization to adapt to unique water source conditions, and user education for proper system usage. These strategies, tailored to individual water sources and applications, reflect our commitment to delivering safe, clean, and high-quality water to homes and businesses.

Water Filtration

Hydration Redefined: Home Water Filtration at Its Finest!

Our water purification solutions reimagine what it means to be hydrated in a future where water quality is of critical importance. We at True Plumbing know that the water you drink has a direct impact on your health. For this reason, we’ve committed ourselves to developing cutting-edge water filtration systems for the home that will revolutionise the way you drink water.

Our home water filtration systems are built to do more than just filter water; they are made to give you the cleanest, freshest water available. It is our firm belief that each and every drink should contribute to one’s health and energy. Every drop of water that comes out of your tap is proof of our dedication to the highest standards of quality thanks to our investment in state-of-the-art technology and our focus on water purity.

Residential Water Filtration

Pure Water, Pure Living

True Plumbing is the leading provider of comprehensive residential water filtration services in the beautiful Vancouver, WA area. Our unmatched expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make us the top choice for homeowners seeking top-tier water filtration solutions. Our mission is straightforward yet transformative: to elevate your daily life by delivering efficient and trustworthy water purification solutions that promote a home of pure water, pure living.

Having access to clean and pure water is essential for your daily routines. Whether it’s for drinking, cooking, or ensuring the well-being of your family, your water quality is of paramount importance. At True Plumbing, we recognize the significance of pristine water in your daily life. That’s why we specialize in comprehensive residential water filtration services, employing cutting-edge techniques and advanced technologies.

Our team of highly skilled technicians possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of water purification. They undergo rigorous training to stay updated on the latest industry standards and techniques. When you choose True Plumbing for your residential water filtration needs, you’re selecting professionals who are dedicated to excellence in every facet of the project. We strive to ensure that every interaction with our team is exceptional, guaranteeing that your home is a sanctuary of pure water, pure living for years to come. Choose True Plumbing for your residential water filtration needs, and experience the benefits of a home where clean, safe water flows effortlessly.

Commercial Water Filtration

Optimize Water Quality for Business

When it comes to commercial water filtration in the Vancouver, Washington area, no one does it better than True Plumbing. We are experts in meeting the water quality requirements of commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and other types of buildings. We’re dedicated to improving business operations by lowering costs, increasing productivity, and minimising downtime associated with water contamination. We at True Plumbing are your reliable partner in maintaining peak water quality.

In business environments, water quality must be kept spotless at all times. Your company’s success and reputation depend on the quality of the water used in all of its activities, from food preparation and guest services to day-to-day tasks. When it comes to maintaining a healthy and successful business community, True Plumbing knows how important it is to provide clean water.

Our commercial water filtration services are tailored to the specific needs of businesses, and our highly trained specialists are up to the task of meeting those needs with pinpoint accuracy. We use modern filtering methods, top-notch tools, and standard procedures to get excellent outcomes. With our assistance, you can be assured that your company will always have access to clean water that meets your specifications. Whether you own a hotel, motel or apartment complex, hiring True Plumbing to handle your commercial water filtration needs will guarantee that your business always has access to water of the highest possible quality, improving the efficiency and profitability of your enterprise.

Discover the Difference: Water Filtration for Healthier Living

Healthier living through better water quality requires professional water filtration. The competent installation of modern filtration systems ensures water purity and family safety. Professional installation reduces water pollution and DIY installation risks, making your house safer.

Professionals optimise the filtration system to provide high-quality water. Many offer full warranties and guarantees, giving homeowners piece of mind and financial protection for post-installation issues. Your filtration system will last longer due to their experience and perfection. Homeowners looking to ‘Discover the Difference: Water Filtration for Healthier Living’ should invest in professional water filtration for its health benefits, safety, peace of mind, and system longevity.

Water Filtration

Healthier Living Starts Here: Discover the Advantages of Water Filtration

Water filtration and in-home water filtering system installation offer homeowners numerous advantages, including improved health through access to clean and safe drinking water, long-term cost savings by eliminating the need for bottled water and extending the lifespan of appliances, environmental benefits by reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions, increased property value, peace of mind from consistently safe water, and enhanced convenience in daily life. These benefits collectively contribute to a healthier, more comfortable, and environmentally conscious lifestyle, making water filtration a valuable investment for homeowners.

1. Improved Water Quality:

Water filtration systems effectively remove contaminants, impurities, and harmful substances from your tap water. This results in cleaner, purer water that is safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing. The removal of sediments, chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria enhances the taste and odor of the water, making it more pleasant to consume.

2. Health Benefits:

Water filtration systems provide health benefits by eliminating potential health hazards found in untreated tap water. This includes reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses caused by bacteria and parasites. Additionally, the removal of chlorine and chloramine, common disinfectants in tap water, helps protect against skin and respiratory issues.

3. Cost Savings:

While the initial investment in a water filtration system and installation may seem substantial, it pays off in the long run. Filtered water eliminates the need for bottled water, leading to significant savings over time. It also reduces the wear and tear on appliances and plumbing fixtures, extending their lifespan and saving you money on repairs and replacements.

4. Environmental Impact:

Choosing water filtration over bottled water has a positive impact on the environment. It reduces the production of plastic bottles and decreases the carbon footprint associated with transporting and disposing of bottled water. This eco-friendly choice contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle.

5. Convenience:

Having a water filtration system in your home provides convenience and accessibility to clean water at any time. You won’t need to rely on store-bought bottled water or worry about running out of filtered water. The convenience of having purified water on demand enhances your daily life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Water Filtration

Water filtration systems can effectively remove a wide range of contaminants, including sediments, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and various chemical pollutants. The specific contaminants removed depend on the type and design of the filtration system.

Whole-house filtration systems treat water at the point of entry, providing clean water to every faucet and appliance. Point-of-use filters, on the other hand, are installed at specific taps and target contaminants at that location. The choice depends on your specific needs and budget.

Filter replacement frequency varies depending on the system and water quality. Generally, it’s recommended to replace filters every 6 to 12 months for optimal performance. However, some systems have longer-lasting filters, while others may need more frequent changes if the water is heavily contaminated.

While some point-of-use filters can be installed by homeowners, whole-house filtration systems often require professional installation to ensure proper placement, connection, and functionality. Professional installation also ensures compliance with local plumbing codes.

Yes, a water filtration system can significantly improve the taste and odor of tap water by removing chlorine and other chemicals that can affect the water’s flavor. Many homeowners notice a noticeable improvement in the taste and smell of their drinking water after installing a filtration system.

Learn More About Vancouver, Washington

True Plumbing offers Water Filtration in Vancouver, WA

Nestled in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, WA, is a city that seamlessly blends natural beauty with urban allure. Situated along the banks of the Columbia River, Vancouver offers a diverse range of attractions and experiences for both residents and visitors, making it a captivating place to call home.

With a history dating back to its founding in the 19th century, Vancouver has evolved into a vibrant and thriving community. The city’s historic downtown district boasts charming streetscapes, and landmarks like the Pearson Field Education Center and the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site provide glimpses into its storied past.

Modern-day Vancouver is a dynamic hub with a strong economy. The city’s economy is driven by diverse sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and technology. Major employers like PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, SEH America, and the Evergreen School District contribute to the city’s economic vitality.

Culture and the arts thrive in Vancouver, with numerous galleries, theaters, and cultural events enriching the community. The city’s proximity to Portland, Oregon, also provides easy access to the thriving arts scene in the neighboring city.

Vancouver’s stunning natural surroundings offer endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. With access to the Columbia River Gorge, Mount St. Helens, and nearby state parks, residents can explore hiking trails, go fishing or boating, and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Education is a top priority in Vancouver, with strong public schools provided by the Vancouver Public Schools district and access to higher education institutions like Washington State University – Vancouver. The city’s commitment to learning enhances the quality of life for families and students.

One of the most enticing aspects of Vancouver is its culinary scene. The city boasts a diverse range of dining options, from farm-to-table restaurants to international cuisine, making it a food lover’s paradise.

In summary, Vancouver, WA, is a city that harmoniously combines natural beauty, rich history, a robust economy, cultural vibrancy, and culinary delights. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, experiencing the local arts and culture, or savoring a delectable meal, Vancouver offers a unique and appealing quality of life that draws residents and visitors alike to its Pacific Northwest charm.

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