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Drain Cleaning in Battle Ground, WA

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Have a Clogged Drain? Need Drain Cleaning in Battle GRound, WA?

Your drains are essential for moving water out and away from your home. If you are having a problem with a clogged drain, whether indoors or outside, the plumbing technicians at True Plumbing offer drain cleaning in Battle Ground, WA using the best quality tools and methods. We are equipped to locate and clear clogs from all interior and exterior drains, from your bathroom and kitchen to your backyard and driveway. 

Contact us today for fast and effective drain cleaning services in Battle Ground, WA. We provide fair, upfront pricing and same-day emergency services.

Common Causes of a Clogged Drain

It doesn’t take much to clog a drain. They’re not designed to be a universal dumping ground, and as a general rule, the only things that should ever go down the drain are water, human waste, and toilet paper. However, some things are more likely to cause a clog than others. Some of the top culprits include:

Tree roots: Even a small crack in your underground plumbing system can be enough for a tree root to work its way inside and grow until it completely blocks off all flow. It’s a good idea to have your plumbing inspected every so often to ensure that nothing is growing inside your pipes.

Cotton products and “flushable” wipes: Just because something is marketed as flushable doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Many of these products don’t actually break down completely in water, leaving behind large pieces of debris that can get caught in your plumbing and cause a clog. In a similar vein, cotton products expand dramatically when exposed to water and can cause a serious clog.

Fats, oils, and grease: It’s best to dispose of these substances in the trash can rather than pouring them down the drain. Whether it’s butter, trimmings from meat, vegetable oil, or anything else, dumping it down the sink is the quickest way to form a major blockage.

Soap scum: Traditional bars of soap are typically made with some form of fat, which is already not great for your pipes. It will also bond with minerals in your tap water and leave behind a residue known as soap scum that can quickly build up and clog your pipes. It’s best to use liquid soap instead for this reason.

Food: Even if you have a garbage disposal, dumping food down the drain is a risk at best. Coffee grounds and tea leaves are by far the worst offenders of kitchen drain clogs, but you should always dispose of food in the trash can.

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Drain Cleaning in Battle Ground, WA

Drain clogs are one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners experience. While simple clogs may be handled by yourself, stubborn or recurring clogs require a professional approach for effective clog removal. 

We offer drain cleaning in Battle Ground, WA and the surrounding area for kitchen sink drains, toilets, tub and shower drains, and washing machine drains. Contact us today to schedule your drain cleaning  appointment!